A week into the cold stuff

A Week Into The Cold Stuff

Jazz Stains, CJSW 90.9 FM, November 21 2008

Brrr.  That’s all i have to say and it’s not even very cold yet.  So, had problems getting here for the first hour which is too bad because I had a whole set ready for the latin crowd.  Maybe I’ll get to it in two weeks.

hour 01:
BBC news (i’m so sorry)

hour 02:
George Benson – Breezin’ (first side)

George Benson – So What
George Benson – Gentle Rain
George Benson – All Clear
Wes Montgomery – 13 (AKA Death March)
Caribbean Jazz Project – Obaricoso
Jimmy Smith – Groove Drops
Moe Koffman – Take Five
Bruno Herbert Trio – In My Life
Duane Andrews – Bees & Flowers
Rob Mosher – Sleepless Lullaby

hour 03:
Houston Person – The Houston Express
Monsieur Taylor’s New Brand – Monsieur Kamayatsu
Steve Grossman – Inmate Man
Noel Zancanella – Piped Dream
SpatzAttack – Le Grooce de Decembre
St. Germain – Sure Thing
The Last of the International Playboys – Havana Banana Remix
Koop – In a Heartbeat
Gangstar – Jazz Thing
Quiet Boys – Let the Good Times Roll
The Royal Hartigan Ensemble – Assante Adouya
Anat Cohen – Jitterbug Waltz

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