Double Hoodie Weather. Pretty Sweet

Double Hoodie Weather. Pretty Sweet!

Jazz Stains, CJSW 90.9 FM, Feb 6 2009

If you live in Calgary you’ve been enjoying the weather lately. What a run. Supposed to be 11 again today. Anyone wanna go tubing?

So, this morning we’ve got a bit of a mix bag. In the first hour I’m going to continue to explore some of the more dominant labels in jazz, picking up this week with the big solid, Verve. I left my indo Jazz records at home (it’s early when i leave the house to do this show), so the 2nd hour is going to feature Kenny Burrell (another Verve artist) as the full side with a mishmash of “my favs” thrown in after. The third hour I dive back into Verve with some tracks off of their remix series and some current playlist stuff.

Get out and enjoy the weather. The hedgehogs said it ain’t gonna last!

hour 01:
Laika Misery – Strange Fruit
Clifford & Roach – Jordu
Lester Young – Prisoner of Love
Billy Eckstine – Imagination
Gerry Mulligan – Blueport
Woody Herman – Caldonia

hour 02:
Kenny Burrell – first side of “Night Song”

Herbie Mann – Supermann
Herbie Mann – Etagui
Moe Koffman – Nature’s Banquet
Chick Korea – Quartet No. 2 part 2

hour 03:
Ramsey Lewis (mr. scruff remix) – Do What you Wanna
Astrud Gilberto (RjD2 remix) – The Gentle Rain
Archie Shepp (remix) – Blues for Brother George Jackson
Essence Allstars – True Blue
The Necks – Arillera

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