It’s Still March!!

It’s Still March!!

Jazz Stains, CJSW 90.9 FM, March 27 2009

Calgary gets more snow in March than any other month, so I’m a little surprised that everyone is flipping out about this recent “cold” snap. Maybe we have “global warming” locked down in our subconscious now and just can’t comprehend things actually being normal?

hour 01:
the blue note 7 – the outlaw
ella fitzgerald – i got the spring fever blues
chet baker – lover for sale
hugh maskela – sonnyboy
Indigone Trio & Strings – visions
Patty Waters – Moon, Don’t Come up Tonight
Jeff Presslaff — Summer Somewhere
Peter Cancura – Fig Bun
Dee Alexander – Rossignol

hour 02:

(Hysear) Don Walker – Complete Expressions – full album

Miles Davis – Water Babies – side 2

hour 03:
spatzAttack – Desire
Chin Chin – Cotillon
Antizario – Madame butterfly
Koop – Bright Nights
Cinematic Orchestra – Science Fiction Jazz
Balkan Beatbox – Hassan’s Mimuna
St Germain – My mama said
Forgas Band Phenomena – la 13eme lune
Gutbucket – Head Goes Thud
Beats on Canvas – Fertility

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