Movies about streets, parking, walking, and 3D autonomous traffic. The basics.

Once we stop thinking about streets for cars, you can start to see your community differently. urban farming? more trees? parks? safer for children? Before we can get into those ideas though, we should understand what our streets are, how they came to be and what we might be losing by making rash decisions.

Here’s a collection of videos that explore some of the basics about roads and their effect on communities (lots of Vox & TED in here).

What’s a street? A road? An avenue? A quick look at naming conventions across the globe.

Parking lots:

How automation and vehicle subscriptions will change our idea of parking (skip to 2:30 mark):

Roads in your community, SUPERBLOCKS:

How streets can transform your community (good Q&A after):

How to really think about streets? Traffic safety problems and streets as public utilities.

Creating a bike city, Boston as an example:

Walkable Cities:

What a driverless city might look like:

3D tunnel networks:


How highways destroyed US cities:

My favourite part of Prague was all the street level trams. I wish Calgary had them running along 4th and 12th. Trams up center street seems like an idea instead of the resource heavy green line. Why not put one along 16th north and make it the new uptown and easy to get to from the East Village?



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