A series of ads trying to make Bush appeal to younger people.

In spring 2008, the RNC began with legal proceedings attempting to repeal the 22nd amendment to the US constitution — the 2-term cap on American presidency. A vocal core within the group strongly believed that a Republican return to the White House in 2012 would only be possible with the star power and recognizability of George Bush.


With hush-hush legal proceeding underway, the RNC approached several young artists to create a series of advertisements and posters that would help energize Bush’s image with a younger demographic that was dominated by the Democrats. Their belief was that Bush could be portrayed as the “opposite of change” … good old faithful, like a character from Seinfeld (that’s literally what they said).

In August 2009, the RNC lost their second appeal. These are some of the images that they commissioned from me at the time. And now I'm selling them as a limited edition print series, which I quite like!



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