Peaches – 2016 Sled Island Poster

3 colour limited edition print for Canadian artist Peaches.

Josh and Sled Island were kind enough to ask me to be part of the show again this year. I'm doing the Peaches poster for the 2016 festival.

I'm pretty excited to do this poster, as Peaches was a pretty influential performer (slash activist) for many people around me when her album Impeach My Bush came out -- I even gave the limited edition pink vinyl as a gift once!

Accepted Poster



Rejected Posters

This was actually a pretty disappointing experience. The "peaches team" got say over my poster and I wasn't allowed to present my own artwork. The two posters below are what I submitted. Cheeky illustrated poster and a Warhol inspired piece that spoke to her aeathetic, her opinions, and my personal aeathetic style. Instead of accepting these (from a reasonably established poster designer), I ended up creating the poster above which was stitched together with accepted photography from her site and her current touring logo. 

This process super frustrated me. This show was supposed to be about my artwork, and that wasn't respected at all. I'm sure "peach's people" don't know me from a hole in the wall, but they lost sight of the project and purpose of the art show, which was to highlight poster designers. These aren't promotional posters designed in a tour template. These are supposed to be original pieces/ideas from working professionals in the industry. 

I feel like it was a privelege for peaches to have a poster made by me. And her team kinda shit on that. And that's lame because as I said above, I was really excited to make this piece, just like I was a couple years earlier with the Hot Snakes.


side story. i don't have a print version of the Hot Snakes poster that I made because they sold out. At the end of the show, I gave my poster to a Hot Snakes super fan at the end of the show. He was a big poster collector and got the band to sign it and it made his night. The evening of this year's poster show, that same guy showed up and told that story 2 or 3 times at Home and Away -- it was a real highlight of his poster collecting career and I was so happy that I could be involved with that. It reminded me of when I'd show up to house parties and see posters on people's wall that'd they'd ripped off the walls of the nightclub because that show was so important to them. That's why we make gig posters. That's why the poster show is such an important part of sled island -- it celebrates all parts of the show.

Peaches shit on that for me, which is too bad. And I'm guessing I'll never be invited back to participate in Sled Island because I'm being vocal about it, but if Peaches would have done a little looking into my history, she'd probably be pretty excited to have a poster made for her. And the poster that went to press, sucked, and I'm embarrassed. 

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