Amsterdam & Belgium, a six day whirlwind, summer 2016

Amsterdam & Belgium, a 5 city, six day whirlwind. Lots of trains, drinks at sunset, and decent hotels!

My best friend and business partner is Dutch, I love weed, and travel. But, I didn't go to Amsterdam until pretty late in my life, which is a shame because after a number of visits in recent years, it's a city that I've grown to love.

I had a lot of presuppositions about the city, those ideas have gone to pass. I used to think it was all about drugs and XXX. But the city has cut down a lot on those narratives recently. It's intantly international as soon as you land and walk around the airport, and it only gets better. It is a forward thinking urban environment that's undergone significant changes in a short period of time.

I now look forward to my visits to Europe because I know I'll land in a familiar environs. I get off a train and I'm in the middle of a very old city where everything is available to me by foot, bike, or tram. It's a fantastic place to wear off a little jet lag and begin a European adventure

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