west coast usa, christmas and nye 2016

A van trip where we started to figure out the art of "downtown camping"

Kelly and I  started in Calgary on Christmas day and made it to Portland for Boxing day night. We camped/parked downtown on Washington ave and hit a few of our favourite spots before we crashed hard-- it was nice to stretch out legs and see something other than snow coming full speed at us through the windshield. The next morning we bombed out to the coast -- this is some of my favourite land on earth.

We spent a week booting up and down the 101, as far as Yachats. We bathed in public swimming pools and campsites. Ate in little road side cafes, and slept beside the ocean (always within reach of wifi). We snuck back up to Portland for New Year's and then spent some time in Spokane.

We over drank, over ate, and barely argued at all. It was awesome -- over 3500km and the van rolled like a champ.

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