Featured Artist Presentation – AMAAS ’08

On May 3rd, 2008, Jfry Craig was a featured artist at the annual AMAAS conference, hosted this year in Red Deer.

In this talk Jfry covered the history of the internet as well as design thoughts and technologies that have become reasonably standardized on the net. From there he explored how these tools can be put to artistic practice on the net.

Attached here are materials that were used as a base for the presentation, examples and eye candy. Most of the text in the presentation was copy and pasted from various sources and used strictly as reference points and definitions.

prepared links for presentation

primary presentation materials:
Presentation (pdf)

prepared example links:
non-linear :: poetics colour change example
non-linear :: george bush example
non-linear :: populating dots
appul :: huge map vs. google maps api
appul :: example of random content generation overtop of map
appul :: example of content overlay onto map

outside links for presentation

before the blog:
Grosh, Bradley. GmunkStudios. <http://www.gmunk.com>
Owens, Matt. Volumeone. <http://www.volumeone.com>
Ryman, Geoff. 253. <http://www.ryman-novel.com>
toqueboy.com, sundance.

engine based design and web 2.0
Google Maps. <http://maps.google.com/>
Google Calendar <http://calendar.google.com/>
CBS Sportsline <http://www.sportsline.com/nhl/scoreboard> (it is reccommended that you go to the gamecentre during play)
Kudos Admin
. <http://toqueboy.kudosnow.com/>

Funding Provided By:

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