WAR Made Me, gallery tour

49stories, an installation by Jfry Craig.
WAR Made Me [do it] is a postcard book by artist Jfry Craig. It was release Aug 2006 by Mudscout Media, Montreal.
Proceeds from all sales go to help disadvantaged veterans.

WAR Made Me was a three city Canadian gallery tour of Jfry Craig’s limited edition canvases. The show was well received and proceeds from the sales of the canvases went to help disadvantaged veterans. Jfry credits Hockey Night in Canada for giving him the drive on these pieces.

Jfry Craig says that
"Don Cherry helped me realize that hating the war doesn’t mean you can’t support the people who’ve fought for us in wars. So I wanted to try and raise some money, or at least some awareness. A lot of people have really strong opinions about war and I hope that my work will help to both challenge and re-inforce their feelings. This was a very intersting project for me because I learned so much history by researching my images. I was forever quentioning my own opinions."

galeria regia, Monterrey MX

The canvases explore the idea family and infamy during war time eras. Jfry repositions classic American pop culture and war images in an attempt to show the everyday strain that our culture is under because of the constant fear of war.

dot.calm painting close up.

Media Comment:
"Jfry Craig’s War Made Me Do It exposes the universal losses that every one feels as wars takes their toll on the human condition. This text-free book tells a story of censorship, isolation, blindness, gender struggles, power, and sexuality." –Layla Burke, Verbicide magazine
"One of the reasons I eventually resigned my job of designing posters was due in no small part to the author of this book, Jfry "toqueboy" Craig." –Todd Harkness, beatRoute
External links:

kill-fish.ca, official book site

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